WOODEN-IT-BE-NICE -                   Stephen M. Jornov  -  Owner/Craftsman
Dressers  Cabinet is 30" Wide  x  18" Deep  x  42" High and was constructed from 3/4" Cherry Veneeer Plywood and Solid 3/4" Cherry Face Frames with a custom Cherry stain.   Top is 1" Thick Cherry. 

Finsh is three coats of Sprayed Semi-Gloss Polyurethane

PRICE:  $ 900.00 (each)  plus shipping


Drawer Case was constructed from 1/2" Poplar with a 1/4" Maple Bottom Panel.

A 3/4" Solid Cherry False Front was then applied.

Drawers ride on 1/2" wide Slick Strips attached to the Cabinet Dust Frames and the Sides of the Drawers

NIGHT STAND  Cabinet is 19" Wide  x  18" Deep  x  28-1/4" High and was constructed from 3/4" Cherry Veneeer Plywood and Solid 3/4" Cherry Face Frames with a custom Cherry stain.  Drawer Front and Door Panel have a Figured Cherry Veneer applied.
Knobs are Cherry with an Expresso Stain.  Finish is four coats of brushed on water based Gloss Polyurethane. 
Base Frame is Solid Cherry and Front Strecher has a slight arc cut into it.  Stain is Expresso with same finish.
Hinges are 170 degree opening and Interior has a shelf that is adjustable in 1" increments.

PRICE:  $ 500.00 plus shipping
NIGHT STAND  Top is 20-1/4" Wide  x  19-1/2" Deep  x  3/4" Thick and was stained with a Dark Wine Cherry Stain then overstained with an Expresso stain.  Finish is Four coats of brushed on waterbased Gloss Polyurethane.
Drawer is  4" deep and glides on slick strips for easy movement. 
Top slide out has Cherry Veneer surface and pulls out 12".

NIGHT STAND  Side view of Finished Cabinet showing Expresso stained Top and Support platform.  Top overhangs front and sides of cabinet by 7/8" and the back of the cabinet by 5/8" so when cabinet is pushed up to modern style baseboard trim the Top is almost flush with the wall.

MIRROR (#1)  Mirror frame is 44" Wide x 27-1/4" High and the Top Cap is 2" Wide  x 47" long  x 3/4" thick.  Side stiles are 2" wide x 1" thick, Bottom rail is 3" wide x 3/4" thick and Top Rail is 3-1/2" wide  x 3/4" Thick with a curved bottom. All Edges have a 1/4" Radius.  Stain on Frame is a custom Cherry mix and the stain on the Top Cap is a custom Cherry/Mahogany mix.  Finish is four coats of brushed on water based Gloss Polyurethane.
PRICE:  $ 350.00 plus shipping
Closeup Details (#1)   Side Stiles are a full 1" thick x 2" wide and the top/bottom rails are 3-1/3" Wide/3" wide x 3/4" resulting in a 1/4" reveal at the joint.  All joints are Mortise and Tenon and the back has been routed out for the Mirror and backer sheet.
Top Cap has a Custom dark Cherry stain.

Closeup Details (#2)  Side Stiles are a full 1" thick and the top/bottom rails are 3/4" resulting in a 1/4" reveal at the joint. All joints are Mortise and Tenon and the back has been routed out for the Mirror and backer sheet.
Top Cap was stained with a Custom dark Cherry stain then over stained with  an Expresso stain.

Queen Sized Headboard   Headboard is 44" High and is constructed from Solid Cherry and has Figured Cherry Veneer Panels.  All  Rails and Top piece are Figured Cherry.  Stain is a Custom blend for both colors.  Finish is four coats of brushed on Gloss Polyurethane.  Other sizes are available as each item is custom made.
PRICE:   $ 2,500.00 - $ 3000.00 plus Shipping

Headboard Panels & Framework
Frames are Solid 5/4 Cherry and the panels are Veneered with Figured Cherry.  Both stains are Custom blend stains.All  joints are Mortise and Tenon, then pinned with dowels

Headboard Top Rail
Horizontal Rails and Flat Top Cap are made from figured Cherry and have a 3/16" radius on all edges.  Top Cap is Screwed to Top rail and the screws are covered with matching Cherry plugs.

Headboard & Footboard
Headboard is stained with two custom mixed stains ( Dark & Light) while the footboard and sides rails (not shown) are stained with the lighter stain.  Footboard is approximately 15" high and has a gentle curve on the bottom of the connecting rail.

Headboard Bottom Rail detail 
Bottom rail on Headboard has a curved detail on both ends and all edges have a 3/16" radius.  Stained with the Darker custom blend stain.  Side rails are attached with double locking clips.  Rail is Mortised into the Side Post and then pinned with two 1/4" wooden pins at each joint.

ARMOIRE dimensions are 71" High  x  24" Deep  x  36" Wide and is made from Cherry Plywood, Solid Cherry and Figured Cherry Veneer.  The finish is Four coats of Gloss water based Polyurethane.  Top, Bottom Pedestal and Knobs are Stained with the Darker custom blend stain and the Main cabinet is stained with a Lighter Custom blend stain.  Doors are hinged on European style (three way adjustable) hinges that open 170 degrees.  Front and Side Rails on the Base Pedestal have a slight Arc.  Panels in the Doors and the Fronts on the Drawers are Figured Cherry Veneer.

PRICE:      $1,800.00 - $2,500.00 plus Shipping
ARMOIRE Interior
Upper Storage area interior dimensions are
33" High  x  23" Deep  x  23" wide and has two fully adjustable shelves (on 1" increments).  Drawers sizes are 5"/6"/ 7-1/2"/ and 9" High and slide on vinyl slick strips for ease of movement.  Back of upper section has a cutout for electric wires for possible future use as a TV cabinet.

Close-up of Knobs and Door Frame
Knobs are Solid Edge Grain Cherry and are 1-3/8" in diameter.  They have a Darker Custom Blend stain.  The Frame and Panels on the door have the Lighter custom blend stain.

Close-up of Door Panel
Door Panel is Figured Cherry Veneer adheared to a 1/2" thick Cherry Plywood panel.  The door Frame is full Mortise and Tenon construction.  The finish is a Light Custom Cherry stain with Four coats of water based Gloss Polyurethane.


Nine Drawer Dresser
The dresser is 52" Wide  x  35" High  x  22" Deep.  It is constructed from Cherry Plywood, Solid Cherry and Figured Cherry Veneer on the Drawer Fronts.   It sits on a raised Pedestal which has a silight arc on teh Fron and Side rails.  Top, Base Pedestal and Knobs are stained with a darlk custon cherry stain.  The Dresser is stained with a Lighter Custom cherry stain.   Finish is four coats of water based Gloss Polyurethane.
Price:  $ 1,000.00 - $ 1,500.00

Dresser Drawers
Top Three Drawers are 4" High  x  15" Wide and the Bottom Six Drawe  are 6-3/8" High  x  23" Wide.  Knobs are 1-3/8" in Diameter and are made from End Grain Cherry with a Darker Custom Stain.

Dresser Top and Back Panel
Top is a Cherry Plywood Panel with Solid Cherry Edge Banding.  It is stained with a Custom dak Cherry stain and finished with Four Coats of water based Gloss Polyurethane.  Bac Panel is 1/4" Lauan Plywood with four coats of water Based Gloss Polyurethane on both sides.

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